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  • Wearable Device

    Customized flexible sizes;

    Safe and reliable design;

    Superior recharging properties ensure a service life

    Strong discharge performances at high and low temperatures

    High energy density

  • Bluetooth headset

    The safety performance and high energy density of Li-polymer batteries to meet bluetooth headset and speaker's design requirement;

    Long cycle life performance, over 500 times of discharge cycles;

    Ultra-thin with custom size capabilities to meet the  demands of the end product.

  • Handheld Device

    Application Example : Portable finger QR scanner, Law enforcement instrument etc.Equipped with protection for overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, inherent safety;Size customizable, High power density, long cycle life; Low internal resistance.

  • Lighting

    Application Example: the lighting equipment,such as solar lawn lamp,  emergency lights, miner light, bicycle light etc.

    Wide temperature range performance (-20℃ to 80℃);

    High capacity and long cycle life;

    Safe cell and can meet UL,CE,CB  etc. battery directive standards.