​632832 high-temperature battery

​632832 high-temperature battery , high temperature battery, lithium battery, 632832 battery, 830mah battery

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​632832 high-temperature battery


632832 high-temperature battery 830mAh intelligent wearable lithium battery for vehicle 3.85V pure cobalt polymer lithium battery

Product Specifications

Model No.PNAS 632832
Battery typePolymer lithium battery
Nominated voltage3.7V
Working temp.- 20-60 ℃
Storage temp.- 20~25 ℃
Product sizeT6.3*W 28* L32 mm
Customization printing, connector, size and packaging.

Battery protection circuit: overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit protection

Product applications

632832 high-temperature battery is suitable for vehicle 3.85V pure cobalt polymer lithium battery. PNAS Energy can design and customize according to customers' request.

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